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6dgr is a fast-growing social business that offers the customizable fun and useful features you would expect from a normal social network, and also actually pays Active Members to develop networks of Active friends, family and business associates! Active Members can make money - real money, not just a few cents - from their own activities and the activities of the networks they build. The 6dgr approach is simple, easy to understand, and fun to be part of - no hard to understand payout rules, no complex matrix, just a straight down the line opportunity to make friends and make money and have fun doing so.


Monday, April 6, 2009

How Much Money Have You Made Online?

That's the question for today.......How Much Money Have You Made Online??

Everyone please feel free to disclose the amount you've earned and how long it took you to make it. The reason for this question is to ask yourself.......Are you Wasting Your Time? Have you been involved with an Online business or program and your still stuck at stage one? I would like to take this time to focus on "What Works" and "What Doesn't". By contributing to this post, individuals will give a voice to the various ways of making money online. This is the place for True Testimonials whether they're good or bad.

What methods did you utilize? Are you a blogger, retailer, distributor or a reseller? Sharing your information here will not only give others a birds eye view of the opportunities available but people will also be able to decide if a program is right for them.

I'd like to start off this post by stating I've been with EZ Wealth Solution since Feb 15, and I've made about $700.00. Let me add that I've been pretty busy with 6dgr and I haven't put as much time into my EZ Wealth Business as I should have. But with that being said, since March 15th I've earned an estimated $65 with 6dgr. By the way 6dgr is the HIGHEST PAYING SOCIAL NETWORK!! Better than the others that only offer friends and groups to join. With 6dgr you make money every time you tell someone and they actually decide to join 6dgr and become an Active member.

In conclusion if you've made ANY money online please feel free to disclose your earnings.

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