Make money to SOCIALIZE!!

Now what exactly is 6dgr?

6dgr is a fast-growing social business that offers the customizable fun and useful features you would expect from a normal social network, and also actually pays Active Members to develop networks of Active friends, family and business associates! Active Members can make money - real money, not just a few cents - from their own activities and the activities of the networks they build. The 6dgr approach is simple, easy to understand, and fun to be part of - no hard to understand payout rules, no complex matrix, just a straight down the line opportunity to make friends and make money and have fun doing so.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Twitter is Social Networking at its best!! Imagine having the ability to send an update to a vast group of people at the snap of a finger. Just "Tweet" whatever is on your mind at the time and send your thoughts of up to 140 characters in length.
Do you have a Twitter Profile? Here's 10 Tips to help increase your followers. More followers equal more people that enjoy your thoughts and want to hear more.




Monday, April 6, 2009

How Much Money Have You Made Online?

That's the question for today.......How Much Money Have You Made Online??

Everyone please feel free to disclose the amount you've earned and how long it took you to make it. The reason for this question is to ask yourself.......Are you Wasting Your Time? Have you been involved with an Online business or program and your still stuck at stage one? I would like to take this time to focus on "What Works" and "What Doesn't". By contributing to this post, individuals will give a voice to the various ways of making money online. This is the place for True Testimonials whether they're good or bad.

What methods did you utilize? Are you a blogger, retailer, distributor or a reseller? Sharing your information here will not only give others a birds eye view of the opportunities available but people will also be able to decide if a program is right for them.

I'd like to start off this post by stating I've been with EZ Wealth Solution since Feb 15, and I've made about $700.00. Let me add that I've been pretty busy with 6dgr and I haven't put as much time into my EZ Wealth Business as I should have. But with that being said, since March 15th I've earned an estimated $65 with 6dgr. By the way 6dgr is the HIGHEST PAYING SOCIAL NETWORK!! Better than the others that only offer friends and groups to join. With 6dgr you make money every time you tell someone and they actually decide to join 6dgr and become an Active member.

In conclusion if you've made ANY money online please feel free to disclose your earnings.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cagora- Land Rush Community


If you want to find the people, facilities and ‘No Brainer’ products and services that will allow you to stretch your horizons by Learning, Cagora is the right place!

You'll soon be able to tap into the wisdom and skills of other knowledgeable members of the Community, learn new things related to your goals and interests, attend online seminars, find relevant e-Books or even accelerated learning courses.

And all while you’re surrounded and supported by like minded people who love this Community!

Cagora is also be looking for members to collaborate on producing learning courses for the USA Community. So if you’ve ever wanted to teach others by sharing your knowledge and wisdom, put your thinking cap on and decide what you’d like to pass on and how you’d like to teach it!

General Benefits

Whether you are seeking benefits for Yourself, Your Business, Community Group(s), Registered Charities or Civic Organization you're involved with or perhaps you're seeking benefits as a Home Business Entrepreneur or an Independent Artist (musician, painter, author etc..).....

At Cagora we can help YOU:

Earn Income for yourself or your favorite cause

Gain more exposure and sales with ongoing Traffic to your websites from within Cagora and from the leading Search Engines and Social Media sites

Win new business and make new friends by Networking for business or pleasure with a free Personal profile and profiles for Businesses, Non-Profits and other Organizations

Learn and have fun in a safe and family friendly environment

Make A Difference by being part of a group of like-minded people helping to create a network of One Stop Community Hubs that provide an alternative to the search engines to help people find the information, people, products and services they are looking for.

Make A Difference by helping raise money for Registered Charities and Community Groups around the world

Save Time and Money as we harness the 'wisdom of the crowd' to help you readily find what you're looking for.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Zion5 is the Facebook for Online Money Makers

Are you looking to promote your business?
Join the FREE Zion5 community
and Make Money online!

Are you looking to build a list of 1,000's of contacts,
without receiving 1,000's of emails yourself?

Promote your own websites, receive feedback regarding your business,
and send 1,000's of visitors to your site.

Find out what others think of a website, without joining and wasting your money.

Finally, a place dedicated to online money makers. Whether your a beginner or a professional, Zion gives you the ability to earn money online because it's TOTALLY FREE.

ZION5 has developed a revolutionary way to build a list of people to contact within the commnunity. You can send messages to members online without the hassle of receiving 1,000's of emails to your personal address. With the ability to promote and comment on various websites and affiliate programs you can get feedback and decide which one is right for you.

Think of this as the Facebook or MySpace for money makers. A community of money makers, where you can share ideas, promote yourself, your websites and much more!

Zion5 will send you one email a day with a summary of what's happened in the community. You'll know exactly when people join and when they review or your website you'll know immediately.
You get all this PLUS you are in control of your privacy. They never share your email addresses or your personal details with anyone unless you decide you want to!

You are in complete control.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Myspace is DEAD! Make money with Sign up FREE

ARE YOU LOOKING TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE? May I ask what you've tried so far or, what may you be willing to consider? Do you have any friends? What if I told you that if you know 5 friends you can make $10,000? Would you be compelled to take at look at the details? Questions, questions questions..........Welcome to the world of 6 Degrees!!

What is 6dgr?
6dgr is what I would consider "THE NEW MYSPACE". It's a fast-growing social business community that allows you to customize features. actually pays Active Members to develop networks of Active friends, family and business associates! I would say it's simuliar to other well known social networks with ONE BIG DIFFERNCE. Active Members can make money - REAL MONEY, not just a few cents - from their own activities and the activities of the networks they build. The 6dgr approach is simple, easy to understand, and fun to be part of - no hard to understand payout rules, no complex matrix, just a straight down the line opportunity to make friends and make money and have fun doing so.

Invite all your friends, acquaintances, associates, colleagues, Just get your friends to join you to come hang out, and they invite their friends.
Lets all get paid and have fun doing it!
When you invite your friends, 6dgr will pay you $3 for each friend that signs up directly under you and becomes Active! In addition to that, you will be paid $2
for each person that these level one friends sign up who becomes Active, AND
another $1 for each person signed up by their friend's that becomes Active
(and so on at $1 per level down to the sixth level)!

All I did was invite my wife, brother, cousin and friend and I made an easy $12 dollars!! Imagine if you told thoasands!!
Follow the steps below to begin making money today

1. First CLICK HERE to create your profile.

create a profile, complete with all necessary requested information, including a
valid mailing address and email address.

2. You must upload a photo

3. Remember to select how you want to be paid and then setup your Pay Me Now account.

If you have not completed all of these steps then you WILL NOT get paid for any of your referrals.

I seriously cannot stress how important it is that we all make sure that we have our profiles and accounts set up properly to insure that we get paid for our efforts. Please contact me if you need any help or assistance or you can click on the "help" link at the top of the page and submit a help request directly to the 6dgr administrative dept. and they will respond to your request.

Once again please let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Direct Matches

What are some of the essentials to making money online? Honestly, I believe everyone has their opinion but every business simply relies on the owner/creator of the site/business. Not to mention if you employ others to do a particular job it's very vital to have the task completed. As I start this blog, on my quest for success, I will help you by sharing with you my trials and tribulations as I venture into the ever growing world of Online Business.

As I surf the web looking for answers to all the questions I have, the main question I come across is ADVERTISING. How do you advertise? What are all the best methods? Well, I've come across plenty! More than I can count. For right now I'll speak about what I'm currently utilizing. I'm sure you all may have heard of the term Viral Marketing. Viral marketing refers to techniques that utilize social networks to increase the brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales).

You are invited to place a FREE profile on our website and post FREE ADS! Many
serious entrepreneurs from around the world will be able to view the contact and
business information you display on your profile. Click HERE to join today.

Direct Matches is a business networking site consisting of thousands of serious
entrepreneurs who you can interact with on a ONE ON ONE level.

Promote your business opportunity or product, recruit new associates, create
your very own profile w/ video and sound that thousands can view and hear,
receive your own personal website URL, find business networking events in your
area and/or post your own events, utilize the message boards, create blogs, join
or create and manage your own networking group, instant message other members,
communicate via Skype, send press releases, and place ads in our classifieds

It's FREE to join and post ads, so CLICK HERE to join
and start networking today!

Be sure to look me up when you join, as I'd like to network with you as

My Direct Matches username is xcellentone2009

Thank you, I wish you the best with your business, and I look forward to
networking with you and helping out any way I can.

Much Continued Success in 2009
Raymond Jones

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Personal Power Plan

New Personal Powerline Pay Plan Takes the Internet by Storm!

Are you looking for the perfect opportunity to begin making money from home? In a time of doom and gloom that we find ourselves in with today’s failing economy, it’s refreshing to see program or should I say a pay plan come along that was actually designed with the average person in mind! A pay plan so simple and so affordable, anyone can join and anyone can succeed!

The pay plan I’m referring to is called “The Personal Powerline”, and is was designed by Mr. Ron Walsh, CEO and Founder of

EZ Wealth Solution is a Direct Sales Company and has been in business for 15 months (as of March 2009). EZ Wealth Solution has 5 separate Pay Plans (5 Levels), and they are paying out a full 100% on all sales, and being that they are a Direct Sales Company, all commissions are sent directly from Member-to-Member!

“The Personal Powerline Pay Plan” is the “Lead in Program” or the “In House Feeder Program” for the 5 Level Pay Plan at EZ Wealth Solution, and it really makes it easy for people to get into profit so they can leverage their way into the higher income Levels. Mr. Walsh even has a “Pay It Forward System” in place whereby your sponsor will PAY YOUR WAY into “The Personal Powerline Pay Plan” Level # 1 (a $47 value), and boy is it ever working!

Over $600,000 in commissions have been paid out already! According to Mr. Walsh, they are on pace to hit the MILLION DOLLAR mark by June, 2009. Pretty impressive when you think they are paying out a full 100%!

In this marketers opinion, “The Personal Powerline Pay Plan” is a stroke of genius, and a must see for everyone wanting to earn money online!

There is no other pay plan like this on the Internet because it was personally designed by Mr. Walsh himself, and to quote Mr. Waslh; “It’s going to change the way people earn money online, and the speed in which they do it!”

I could not agree more! The income potential here is

truly incredible!

There are confirmed reports of people earning as much as $5,000 to $10,000 their very first month in the business, and many more earning $500 to $1000 their first month!

What’s so amazing about this is you can get started for as little as $10 (Admin Fee) and this covers both programs, and

One low Admin Fee for 2 programs, this is unheard of! I’m still trying to figure out if Mr. Walsh is crazy or brilliant. At this point I’m leaning towards brilliant because he has made this program affordable to the masses, but there’s one thing for sure, he’s not greedy like some program owners you see out there!

If you ask me, this is exactly the type of person and program we need in these tough economic times. So if you need to make an extra $500 to $1000 this month, I urge you to check out “The Personal Powerline Pay Plan” at

Raymond Jones



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